• Being farmers from father to son, Francisco L.Y. decides to return to the land in 1999 and start farming again the parcels of his family land. He believed in the necessity of integrating ecology with farming. 


  • Afterwards, he builds ECOTORRECILLAS SL in 2006 and sells his organic vegetables to Andalusian agricultural resellers. 


  • In 2013, according to his business philosophy in a healthy environment, Francisco L.Y. decides to launch and develop a new project. He founds BIO SIERRANEVADA SL willing to offer his ORGANIC vegetables to wholesalers and importers on the european market.  


  • Farming, harvesting, packing, selling and exporting : in this perfect and idillyc rural area but where employment is sparse, he creates tens of jobs. 




Today, BIO SIERRANEVADA is a team of persons willing to improve day by day our vegetables and services quality. We want to  help our customers to serve the consumers with the best quality, delicious and healthy vegetables. 


We believe in the necessity of enhancing the ecological balance of natural systems and integrating the parts of the farming system into an ecological whole to improve the welfare of the next generation.